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Comparison of Top 10 Spy Camera Devices

A spy camera is the best technology device that is used for different purposes. The basic aim of a hidden cam is to record any happening without knowledge. That is why the hidden camera is designed to install at an invisible location. Invisibility is the basic property of any Spy camera because you can only get the required result if no one knows its existence other than you.

The hidden cam has proved a useful technology device in the current era. The number of devices is increasing rapidly due to the high demand in the market. Therefore, the selection of the best spy camera is very difficult for customers. The common customer gets confused when seeing hundreds of companies claiming their device as the best. To take the customers out of this confusion state, we have made a thorough research and have shortlisted the best 10 spy devices. The selection of the top 10 devices was made on the basis of qualities you will read in the subsequent headings.

Qualities of a best Spy camera

The following bullet points include the basic qualities of a hidden spy camera that you must see before buying.

➤ Small size
➤ Easy to install at any convenient location
➤ Minimum or no operating light
➤ Night vision
➤ Video / audio quality
➤ Large internal storage capacity
➤ Compatibility with other technology devices
➤ Extended battery timing
➤ Waterproof
➤ Affordable price
➤ Wireless connectivity
➤ Motion detection
➤ Jamming resistant
➤ Heat resistant

Benefits of hidden spy camera

a. Hidden cam is the best way to keep an unblinking eye on your office works in your absence.
b. You remain acknowledged about home for what does happen in your absence.
c. The hidden cam helps you to perform your spying duties more effectively, if employed.
d. The cam helps you to perform research and studies on birds and wildlife.
e. You can get the clear and live proof of a crime scene which further helps in interrogation and prosecution.

Comparison chart of top 10 hidden cams

To make the selection process further easy and simple, we have tabulated the basic qualities of top 10 products of Amazon. The products from 1-10 are recommended as per this dropdown list. The No 1 device is recommended as first and No 10 as the last option.

NoProduct nameSD CardPrice ($)RatingPurchase
1ALPHA TECH Spy Camera Wireless128 GB49.994.7Buy Now
2Goospy Camera Module Wireless128 GB49.994.5Buy Now
3LONOVE Mini Spy Camera128 GB43.994.3Buy Now
4Beraspot Mini Spy Hidden Camera128 GB39.993.6Buy Now
5RED OWL EYES Spy Camera32 GB32.974.9Buy Now
6TAOZHI Mini Hidden Camera32 GB29.994.1Buy Now
7OVEHEL Mini WiFi Spy Camera32 GB29.994.1Buy Now
8AMTGR Mini WiFi Spy Camera32 GB45.994.0Buy Now
9HZTCAM 32GB Mini HD32 GB36.993.5Buy Now
10OUCAM Mini Spy Cam64 GB40.994.3Buy Now

Short Review of Top 10 Spy cameras under $50

1.         ALPHA TECH Spy Camera Wireless

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden

ALPHA TECH nanny cam is the topmost device out these best 10 spy cameras. Along with recording and connectivity features, the cam enables prolonged time storage because of the 128 GB SD card. Adding the 128 GB micro SD card, the cam enables 15 days of continuous recording. All the features of an ideal secret surveillance cam are included in this small product. Although, ALPHA TECH cam is on the upper limit of under $50 cams still it is best of all. Amazon customers have rated this ALPHA TECH product with 4.7 stars. Users who want prolonged recording are best recommended buying ALPHA TECH nanny cam.


Features of ALPHA TECH cam

  • 1080 HD live streaming and recording
  • 128 GB micro SD supported
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • 15 days storage capacity
  • iOS and android compatible
  • Built-in Magnet
  • wifi

2.         Goospy Camera Module Wireless

Spy Camera Module Wireless Hidden

Goospy secret device is best recommended for home and office security. The device is easy and simple to install and completely invisible because of no illumination light. The secret device works perfectly because of compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Goospy Module directly records up to 60 minutes video with a single charge in SD card (need to purchase separately). The user can easily control and monitor the device through iOS or Android devices after the installation of the compatibility app. Amazon customers have rated this secret device with 4.5 stars which are an encouraging score.

Features of Goospy Camera Module

  • 1080P video quality
  • Motion detector alarm and record
  • Up to 30 clips recording and storing capacity
  • Remote visualization through wifi

3.         LONOVE Mini Spy Camera

LONOVE Mini Spy Camera

LONOVE Mini is an innovative invention of the current era with unique qualities of a secret cam which every customer searches for. This innovative device is fully compatible with IOS and android devices. Just download and install the application and control your secret device through your computer or Smartphone. You can configure the device with a wifi router to make it ready for use. The secret camera produces the best results in full dark. With the motion detection alarm system the device keep you alert to capture any movement. Built-in 6 infrared LEDs enhance the night vision quality of video and pictures. However, the LEDs are completely hidden and do not show the existence of the device. The built-in battery of LONOVE Mini keeps the device on for continuous 1.5 hours. 4.3 overall rating at Amazon reflects the customer’s satisfaction in LONOVE Mini.

Features of LONOVE Mini

  • 1080P Live Video
  • Motion detector
  • Invisible infrared night vision
  • 1500 wide angle coverage
  • Compatible with iOS and android
  • One-app for multiple cams
  • One Cam for multiple users
  • Wifi

4.         Beraspot Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Mini Spy Hidden Camera WiFi

Beraspot Mini Spy is also an advanced device with features and qualities of an upgraded cam. Built-in wifi secret cam produces HD live streaming and recording. The nanny cam is compatible with iOS and Android devices connected through wifi or 4G. Beraspot Mini nanny cam automatically detects the motions and start recording. So, the user does not need to wait for any push notification regarding movements. Just install the cam at an appropriate location and let it work independently. The powerful battery allows 5 hours of continuous recording in a single charge. 6 premium LEDs IR night vision produces clear video and images in a dark location. Apparently Beraspot Mini looks good with respect to extended features. Under the $50 category, you see rare devices with such fabulous features. However, Amazon customers have rated the product with an overall 3.6 Stars.

Features of Beraspot Mini Spy hidden camera

  • HD recording and live streaming
  • Built-in wifi + 4G supported
  • Automatic motion detector and recorder
  • 5 hours wireless recording time
  • Invisible IR Nigh vision
  • Remote access
  • Supported with loop recording

5.         RED OWL EYES Spy Camera


RED OWL EYES is another secret device with a comparatively low price. However, some features like wifi and live streaming and remote access are not available in this cheap device. Other features like HD recording, motion detection, and SD card are added in RED OWL EYES cam. 6 invisible IR night vision is also available in the RED OWL EYES device which gives the best results in dark recording. Currently, a limited number of customers have purchased this device but the results are very encouraging. The average rating given by 18 online customers is 4.9 stars. If a customer agrees to compromise on the unavailable features, RED OWL EYES can be the best choice.

Features of RED OWL EYES

  • 1080P video recording
  • 12MP image capturing
  • 1500 wide angle
  • 32GB SD card storage
  • 70 Minutes wireless recording time
  • Motion detection sensor
  • No-glow IR Night vision

6.         TAOZHI Mini Hidden Camera

Mini Hidden Camera Spy Cam WiFi

TAOZHI Mini is also a cheap device of this category but includes exceptional features for video recording. With a built-in magnet, the cam is easy to install at any metal surface in the office, home or automobile. TAOZHI Mini is also compatible with iOS and Android devices and enables connectivity through wifi. TAOZHI Mini also allows control remotely when connected through wifi. Motion detection and push notification feature allow the user to remain in touch with what is happening at home or office. With advance night vision technology, the device turns to NV mode automatically when exposed to darkness. The device is best recommended for customers who want an affordable device for home or office security. Additionally, TAOZHI Mini works well for spying activities. Amazon customers have rated with nanny cam with 4.1 stars.

Features of TAOZHI Mini Hidden Camera

  • 1920X1080P HD
  • 60 minutes wireless recording time
  • Automatic conversion to night vision mode
  • Built-in magnet
  • Motion sensor
  • wifi

7.         OVEHEL Mini WiFi Spy Camera

OVEHEL Mini WiFi Spy Camera HD

OVEHEL small cam record full HD 1920x1080P in 30 frames per second. OVEHEL Mini is the cheapest of these top 10 spy cameras. However, the product competes with all the products of this category. With 250 mAh battery, the cam gives a 40-60 minute recording. The wifi supported nanny device is compatible with iOS and Android devices for remote control. The single nanny cam enables multiple devices to connect. Similarly, multiple nanny cams can be controlled with a single Android or iOS device. Like other devices motion detector send push notification along with HD image on sensing any movement. OVEHEL Mini is best recommended for the clients who want the cheapest device with all in one feature of a secret nanny cam. Amazon customers have rated this product with overall 4.1 stars.

Features of OVEHEL Mini WiFi Spy Camera

  • 1920x1080P HD
  • Motion detection
  • Wifi
  • Invisible IR night vision
  • 32 GB SD card supported
  • Built-in magnet
  • USB and plug charging

8.         AMTGR Mini WiFi Spy Camera

Mini WiFi Spy Camera

AMTGR Mini is 2.4 GHz wifi supported nanny cam with extended battery time. The 1100 mAh battery gives 6 hours of wireless recording time. The user can directly watch and save full HD video live streaming and recording on iOS or Android devices when connected through wifi. An automatic motion detector enables recording on sensing any movement. The motion detection alarm notification feature is also available. Only a coin size compact secret cam is ideal to install at any location at home, office or car. A built-in powerful magnet allows easy installation at a metal surface. AMTGR Mini cam is a new product on Amazon and only a few customers have purchased it. Still, the customer comments and scores are encouraging. The average score is 4.0 and 60% of customers have rated AMTGR Mini with 5-stars. The device is best for the customers who want more features under $50 cam.

Features of AMTGR Mini WiFi Spy Camera

  • Full HD recording and live streaming
  • Direct recording option
  • 6 hours wireless recording time
  • Automatic motion detection and recording
  • Built-in magnet
  • Invisible IR night vision

9.         HZTCAM 32GB Mini HD

32GB Mini HD 1080P Wireless Hidden Camera

HZTCAM has introduced the best secret cam for everyone who wants an ideal device at an affordable price. Along with the very low price, the device includes all the features and qualities of a costly secret cam. The built-in magnet device is easy to mount on any iron surface. With 32 GB SD cards (included in the package) the secret cam allows you to continue recording day and night. No-glow IR night vision feature is best for secret recording during the night. HZTCAM is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can connect and remotely control the device after installing the application. Upgraded with a motion detector, the cam provides uninterrupted surveillance. HZTCAM sends a push notification along with images as exposed to any movement. The average score given by the customers is 3.5 stars; however, 53% of the customers have rated the device with 5 Stars. So, we can consider the HZTCAM secret device as a good product. On the other side, if we compare the price, HZTCAM may be the choice of low budget customers.

Features of HZTCAM

  • 1080P video recording and live streaming
  • 1500 wide angle
  • No-glow 6 IR night vision
  • Motion detection alert with push notification and image
  • Built-in magnet
  • 32GB SD card storage
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • 5M night vision distance coverage
  • One cam sharing with multiple devices
  • One devices covering multiple cams

10.        OUCAM Mini Spy Cam

Mini-Spy-Camera WiFi Wireless

OUCAM Mini is an outstanding nanny cam with compact size. Only 0.45 inches thick device is ideal to keep it invisible. You can attach with any iron made wall or component through the built-in magnet. OUCAM Mini is supported with a 64 GB micro SD card which enables 24 hours HD recording. 64 GB storage is rarely available in under $50 cams. So, OUCAM Mini is the best device in this category concerning storage capacity. Powerful 350 mAh Li battery gives 2 hours uninterrupted recording in a single charge. Overall customers have rated this nanny cam with 4.3 stars which are the above-average score on Amazon. This under $50 device is ideal for home or office security because of extended storage capacity.

Features of OUCAM Mini

  • 1080P HD video recording and live streaming
  • 64 GB micro SD card supported
  • Compact size
  • 24 Hours recording time
  • 2 hours wireless recording time
  • Compatible with iOS and android devices
  • Built-in Magnet
  • Remote access
  • Wifi
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