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– Phone. In this case, we mean classic phones, which are the simplest kind of “mobile phones”. Their key difference from smartphones is the lack of a full-fledged operating system (see below) and, accordingly, very limited possibilities for installing additional applications: at best, solutions for the universal Java platform are supported, and at worst new applications are not available at all.


Communication standards supported by the mobile phone. In today’s world, several standards are widely used, referring to different generations and to varying extents both around the world as a whole and within individual countries.

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Alternating. Phones with this mode of operation are equipped with one radio module. In the standby mode (ie when no calls, messages, etc. are received to the phone), all SIM cards are “on the network”, and a call and a message can come to either of them, but during a call one of the the remaining cards become inactive, and you can not receive a call or message on them. Initially, this option was considered a prerogative of relatively inexpensive “two-symbol”, but later it turned out that in most cases it is quite enough. Therefore, the vast majority of modern devices that have more than one SIM card slot (including premium models) use this mode of operation.


Mini-SIM. Some time ago, this type of cards was the most common and was used in all classes of mobile phones – from budget “handsets for calls” to advanced smartphones. However, recently in smartphones it is increasingly being replaced by more advanced mini-SIM, and in the top segment – nano-SIM. This type of card has a size of 25×15 mm, in common parlance it is often referred to as “ordinary SIM-ka”; and in our directory for phones operating under mini-SIM, the parameter “SIM-card type” is not specified at all.


– Monoblock. A body that does not have moving segments and is an integral structure. It is one of the most suitable options for models with a touch screen and the most popular in general – monoblocks are simple, reliable and well combined with almost all functions of modern mobile phones.

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