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10 Fake Security Cameras Of 2020

When you have not enough money to bear the security expenditure of your home or office, you definitely think about the alternative options. Fake security cameras can help you to create a visual barrier for the outsiders. Dummy security cameras cannot fulfill the requirements of a real surveillance system but they can simulate the security alert. Many companies have launched such fake cameras in the market because of high demand. Many people want to install dummy cameras at their homes or office because they know that these cams can help to make an imitative security barrier. In the previous post, I had added the best outdoor security cameras. Some of the visitors looked worried about the consumer price of the surveillance system. In this post, I have selected 10 fake security cameras for 2020 that will help to maintain minimum-security simulation at your home or office.

As you know, fake security devices cannot record any evidence because these devices do not have any cams installed. Therefore, privacy and secrecy become very important after installing a fake cam. If someone else knows about this fake reality, you will not get the desired results of the surveillance system. Even it becomes more harmful because invader knows that noting like the recording is going on. So, before making a final decision to buy fake security cameras, make sure that you can keep this act as secret.

What do you see in fake security cameras?

Before we read about the short reviews of these 10 fake security cameras, we look at the features of dummy products. Here are some things may help you select the dummy security cameras.

  1. A dummy security camera must simulate the real surveillance system.
  2. The fake security camera must simulate a real-time recording with a blinking light.
  3. You want to install for security replication, therefore, the no need to spend huge money. A fake surveillance system should be an exceptionally low price.
  4. The dummy cam must be designed to install at visible locations like outer wall or shades etc.
  5. Although, you are buying a dummy surveillance system however make sure to buy the best quality product. Usually, the fake cams are installed at visible locations and catch corrosion with exposure to rain. So, ensure the procurement of rustproof fake security system


S NOFake Security CamerasRatingPrice
1WALI Bullet Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Camera4.4CHECK PRICE
2WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera4.4CHECK PRICE
3OROTON Bullet Dummy Security Camera3.9CHECK PRICE
4IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera4.3CHECK PRICE
5 Armo Fake Security Cameras4.5CHECK PRICE
6Masione Dummy Security Camera Outdoor4.4CHECK PRICE
7WALI Solar Powered Bullet Dummy Simulated SurveillanceCamera4.3CHECK PRICE
8VideoSecu 4 x Dummy Security Camera4.1CHECK PRICE
9Armo Fake Security Camera CCTV4.2CHECK PRICE
10F FINDERS&CO Outdoor Fake Security Camera4.6CHECK PRICE

A short review of the top 10 Fake Security Cameras

1.  WALI Bullet Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Camera:

This camera stands first in the list of fake security cameras because of its high resemblance to a real camera and activation light. More than 2300 have bought and reviewed WALI Bullet Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Camera from Amazon, and rated it with 4.4 stars, which is the great success of this company. It is an inexpensive solution for theft hazards and simulates a more secure look to your home and office. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor security as it looks like a real security cam when installed at home, office, or business center. It only requires 2×AA batteries which can last for even 6 months. It can rotate to 360⁰ so it is fully adjustable and rotatable. One blinking red night vision LED makes it illuminate in darkness and provide its real appearance at night. This dummy security camera is ideal to install at ceiling and walls so you can easily mount it anywhere. Its price is reasonable according to feature in its entire products. If you are unable to bear the real surveillance system, this product would be your first choice in case of a fake surveillance system.

2.  WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera:

WALI Dummy cam stands at No 2 in the list of top 10 fake security cameras because of less popular as compared to WALI Bullet. More than 1000 customers have bought and they are satisfied with its performance. It got less reasonable reviews than the previous one and rated it with 4.4 stars on Amazon. It resembles a real camera so you can use it easily anywhere for your purpose. You can mount it easily, as no wiring is required for it. You can install it easily with the help of screw-on walls so you can mount them easily on the ceiling walls of your homes, shops, and offices. These are very useful for both outdoor and indoor purposes to increase security in concern places. Both dummy cameras have some common features such as their two pcs AA batteries and red LED light for activation, which gives them original effect and long-lasting ability. In a very suitable price, it appears to work as an actual security camera. 

3.  OROTON Bullet Dummy Security Camera

This dummy camera stands third in the list of fake security cameras although it has very good features than the two on top. It works on the two pcs AA rechargeable battery along with the solar power so it has longer working ability than both previous dummy cameras. On Amazon, only more than 800 customers have bought it. Moreover, they rate it with 3.9 stars, which makes it to be in third place. However, it has some common features to the cameras on top like its usage in both indoor and outdoor purposes, No motorized pan movement, and. Activation light. It also uses its real-like appearance and red LED light to make security arrangements in a concerned place to act like detecting robbers and criminals. Its 360⁰ rotation ability makes it adjustable and rotatable according to need. Its abilities like weather resistance and no use of wire in mounting make it easy to use. Its brilliant feature at a suitable price also makes it easy to buy and use. 

4.  IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera

This dummy camera is made up of high-quality plastic and with extremely good features, which placed this camera in fourth place in this list. Its rotating ability makes it the best fake security camera, which is that along with its 360⁰rotating, it also has 90⁰ downward rotations. The rotating ability helps it to move down to 90⁰so is fully adjustable and rotatable that is why it appears to work as an actual surveillance camera. Like others, it is also powered by a 2×AA battery. On Amazon, more than 600 customers bought it and rated it with 4.3 stars, which proves it to be in fifth place on this list. Their features are very impressive which includes lightweight, easy installation, and night activation LED light. You can find some of its features common to others discussed above such as indoor and outdoor usage, weather resistance, realistic wiring, and mounting procedures. These all make it very useful along with its god price. 

5.  Armo Fake Security Cameras

These dummy cameras are very easy to mount on the wall/ceiling or at any place, which makes them look real when hanging. This feature proves it to be on fifth in the list of fake security cameras. Its rating is very impressive. On Amazon, more than 550 customers have bought it, blessed it with very good reviews, and rated it with 4.5 stars, which is another proof for its fifth place. It does not have an expressive feature like other top security camera but it is good in the ability, which they have like mounting procedure. Although it has only two-feature common to others, which makes it work like an actual security camera. It requires 2 AA batteries to work These features include activation light that is red LED light which works at night for security purposes. Second is its indoor and outdoor usage, which makes it possible to use it at any place at any time. It has an elegant design and required feature in very good price 

6.  Masione Dummy Security Camera Outdoor

This dummy camera is in sixth place among the top fake security camera because of its rotating ability, which is that it can rotate to almost any angle. This dummy camera is extremely durable and will not rust, as it is made up of high-quality plastic. Through it, you can increase the security fraction at a concerned place. It has some very adorable feature which proves it on the best in top ten these include mounting procedure faux video cable and its multiple faux infrared bulbs. Mounting procedures make it easy to install for work. Moreover, infrared bulbs provide the appearance that the camera can see in the dark and faux video cable gives the appearance that you have connected the camera with a recording device. You can use this camera for both indoor and outdoor usage for security purposes. Like other dummy cameras, it also requires only 2AA batteries to work. Its price suits to its features. 

7 . WALI Solar Powered Bullet Dummy Simulated Surveillance Camera

This dummy camera is similar to the two on top on this list but placed in seventh place because of the absence of rotating ability like others. Like the second dummy camera of this comparison, it also works on both 2AA batteries and solar power as it has integrated solar panel, so has a long-lasting battery. You do not need any wiring for installation although; can be done with the help of screws. Like others, it also has one blinking red light, which works as activation light in dark to make security arrangements. You can install it easily with screws for both indoor and outdoor security purposes. It is made of high-quality durable material with a metal mounting bracket. These features provide their appearance to work as an actual camera. Although, it is similar to the first and second cams fewer customers have bought it. Only more than 350 customers have commented it excellently and rated it with 4.3 stars on Amazon, which makes it to be in seventh place. These all features make its price very reasonable but more than the other camera of this company. 

8.  VideoSecu 4 x Dummy Security Camera

This dummy camera comes in eighth place because of the low batteries that it requires only two 1.5 AA batteries to work. However, on Amazon, It is not going well. More than 200 have bought and remarked it and rated it with 4.1 stars, which does not support it. Like other dummy cameras, you can install it easily with the help of screws and adjustable mounting brackets. An adjustable mounting bracket provides easy installation. Moreover, its activation light, which automatically turns on at night, gives the appearance of it working. There is a light sensor so that activation light only works at night. It has a fake lens and fake infrared light to act like the surveillance cameras. These attempts are done to assure the security in the homes, offices, and shops. This dummy camera is an inexpensive solution to security problems with all the features required to appear like an actual camera. 

9.  Armo Fake Security Camera CCTV

This dummy camera is on the list of top ten fake security cameras because of its recording light. This feature gives the impression of recording the things going on which plays a key role in security. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes. On Amazon, customers do not prefer it. About 190 customers have given reviews and rated it with 4.2 stars, which is acceptable. Like others, you can also mount it easily with the help of screws with gives a realistic appearance, as no wiring is needed. You can mount them on the wall/ceiling or anywhere, you want. It requires battery power (2AA batteries) to work and it has good battery timing. It can also improve security arrangements through its blinking LED light. Its high durability is proof if it is of good quality and makes it to use for long. These features give people the appearance that they are visible under the camera. On Amazon, It is selling at a very good price with all features impressive feature. 

10. F FINDERS&CO Outdoor Fake Security Camera



This fake security camera stands at the bottom of the list of top fake security cameras because it does not have an impressive feature like others on top. Its rating on Amazon have made it to stand in top ten fake security cameras On Amazon only more than 100 customers have bought it which is not good but their remarks and rating makes it trust-able, as the customers have rated it with 4.6 stars which are highest among the top fake security cameras. Like others, you can use it for both outdoor and indoor purposes as it has a feature of weather resistance. It is durable and made up of engineering plastic so it will not rust. It functions through its activation light. Its light flashes every 2 seconds, which makes it look like an actual security camera. As it contains adjustable mounting brackets so you can install it easily. This fake cam is fully rotatable (360°), which gives it appearance to like a surveillance camera so it will dramatically increase your security. It only requires 1A batteries to work at a very reasonable price.

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