Best Outdoor Security Cameras

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10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Reliable but affordable security is the basic need of every home and office. Security means have been digitalized with the advancement of technology. During the last three decades, a lot of work has been done and many innovative devices have been brought in the markets. The security cameras have played a very important role in collecting evidence of any scene. The cams have gotten a central role in the home and office security. In this post, I have selected the 10 best security cameras that work well. You have already read about spy cameras in previous posts. However, the spy camera does not work well for outdoor security due to different reasons.

As here we are concerned with the outdoor security camera system, I will concentrate on the subject. Due to increasing demand in the market, uncountable companies have started manufacturing outdoor security cameras. On putting “Security Cameras” in the search, Google shows millions of results. Even the largest marketplace Amazon shows over 10,000 surveillance cameras. If you start comparing at Amazon, you may take days to conclude. To save your precious time, I have done this comparative analysis for you. I have selected these 10 surveillance cameras based on the following bullet points.

  • Usually, good products gain rapid popularity among customers because of auto person-to-person marketing. In this post, I took the most selling surveillance cameras at Amazon. The minimum numbers of customers review are more than 500 against these cams. It means that these are the products sold the most out of thousands of products available at this largest marketplace.
  • The customer rating versus the number of sales is the second scale I used to select the best outdoor security cameras. If a product maintains a good rating even reaching the 500 sales, it means that customers are satisfied with this product.
  • Affordability is the third important factor I consider while comparing the top 10 products of each category. I have also selected the affordable but reliable and hot selling surveillance cams for this comparison. All the cameras are under $100 when you calculate the per-item cost.
  • The compatibility and control of security cams are also important because when you buy a single device you may need to connect with your existing surveillance system. Moreover, wireless control allows you with remote accessibility of the security system. This post also includes the IP featured cameras more effective for remote accessibility.


The quick comparison shows the dropdown list of best outdoor security cameras based on the flow of customers. After selecting the products having a good sales trend, I prioritized the surveillance cams with the rating. The topmost products maintain a good rating along with good selling trends. The number of customers purchased the product was the second scale for prioritizing these top 10 surveillance cams.

S NOBest Outdoor Security CamerasResolutionPower SourceMotion DetectionConnectivityRatingPrice
1Zumimall PIR Motion Detection Security Camera1080 PRechargeable Battery Powered55 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi4.6CHECK PRICE
2Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera1080 PNon rechargeable batteries50 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi4.3CHECK PRICE
3YI 4pc Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera1080 PRechargeable 12V Battery70 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi4.3CHECK PRICE
4Zumimall Wireless Home Security Camera1080 PRechargeable Battery Powered32 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi4.1CHECK PRICE
5Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera1080 PQuick release Battery Pack30 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi4.1CHECK PRICE
6Reolink Outdoor Security Camera1080 PDual power33 Feet 2.4GHz WiFi4.1CHECK PRICE
7Riolink Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless1080 PSolar Battery Powered33 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi4.0CHECK PRICE
8REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera 1080 PDual power33 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi4.0CHECK PRICE
9CANARY Flex Indoor Outdoor HD Security Camera1080 PRechargable battery20 Feet2.4Ghz Wifi3.8CHECK PRICE
10Arlo - Wireless Home Security Camera System720 PRechargable battery20 Feet 2.4GHz WiFi3.3CHECK PRICE

A short review of 10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras

  1. Zumimall PIR Motion Detection Security Camera

Zumimall PIR is the topmost product of the list of 10 outdoor security camera systems. Wireless connectivity and ultra-long standby time make the product ideal for home and office security. Wifi connectivity allows the user to control and monitor the device from a distant location. The 50 feet motion detection feature is better than many other products of the same specification. You can adjust the motion sensitivity function as per your need. This feature prevents false generated notifications on flying leaves and moths due to wind. The SD slot supports 128 GB card. That allows you a long recording time. The reasons for placing on the top of the best outdoor security cameras are its fabulous features and customer’s trust in this product. The Amazon customers have rated this security camera with 4.6 stars. Maintaining this rating with 550+, the customer’s review proves the reliability of the product.  The seller launched this product in November 2019 and generated 500+ sales within this short period. Therefore, if you want to buy cheap and reliable outdoor security cameras with advanced features, you have the best choice in the form of Zumimall PIR cam.

  1. Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

Blink XT2 is the dual-purpose product of shortlisted cams. You can use the cam both for outdoor and indoor surveillance. The cam is durable with a non-rechargeable battery allowing unlimited recording and capturing time. Blink XT2 is a spy category camera because of its tinny size. Unlike other surveillance systems, Blink XT2 cam is very small that you can install as invisible. This smart invisible cam is featured with night vision and motion detection. The cam senses any motion within 50 feet and sends a push notification. Usually, the customers find the trending products, so; I put Blink XT2 at the second position in the list of 10 best outdoor security cameras. However, Blink XT2 maintains the highest-selling trend at Amazon. More than 21000 customers have rated Blink XT2 with 4.3 stars to date. Most of the products lose their rating with an increasing number of customers but Blink XT2 has maintained the best rating. The sale trend and rating prove that customers are completely satisfied with Blink XT2. If you want a cheap and trendy surveillance system, you may like buying Blink XT2.

  1. YI 4pc Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera

YI 4pc Wireless surveillance system stands third in the list because of customer’s ratings and comments. More than 2800 customers have rated the YI 4pc Wireless cam system with 4.3 stars. Although, the rating is the same as the second product of best outdoor security cameras the other two factors make it stand on the third position. YI surveillance cam operates with rechargeable batteries. The enhanced 70 feet night vision and motion detection feature make it ideal for outdoor security. This security system based on 4 Pcs surveillance cameras. If we compare the price based on a single piece, this YI cam is very affordable. If you are comfortable with rechargeable batteries, this set of cams can fill the security needs of 4 cams. YI 4pc IP surveillance system is a hot selling product at Amazon. The customers acknowledge the smart size and unique night vision/motion detections features of this security system.

  1. Zumimall Wireless Home Security Camera

Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera is the second Zumimall product of this review. This wireless security system includes all the necessary features required for foolproof security. The reason for placing at the fourth position is Amazon rating but you can make this compact cam your first choice without any hesitation. The product has been designed with easy and quick installation in mind. With more than 3700 reviews, Zumimall 2-way audio cam maintains a 4.1-star rating. A few days ago, the product was out of stock but the seller has taken quick action to make the product live again. The brand popularity, customer rating, and features support this cam for home and office security. This wireless security camera detects any motion within 32 feet area. Moreover, the product is compact in design, which you can partially use for spying recording. Therefore, you can install the Zumimall Wireless security system for internal and external surveillance.

  1. Ring Stick up Cam Battery HD security camera

Ring stick up HD security camera consists of a battery-powered camera, which can be mounted both indoor and outdoor. More than 3000 customers have reviewed and rated this product with 4.1 stars, which is a great success for Ring Stick up cam. You can easily watch your entire home by connecting your devices (mobile phone or laptop etc) to this camera through ring app. The best security camera can easily be set up by inserting a battery pack and a Wi-Fi connection. With about 30 Feet motion detection and night vision. The field of view it provides is 130° diagonal, 110° horizontal, and 57° vertical. Its average installation time is 5 minutes as it consists of a stickup mounting feature. It sends you the real-time notification with 1080 HD resolution even at night. You can communicate your message with two way talking function. It is reasonably priced with a custom privacy system and its adjustable motion zone. By its features like picture quality, night vision, and battery life, it acquires almost above four stars ratings through Amazon customers. 

  1. Reolink Outdoor Security Camera

Reolink outdoor security camera is the easiest recharging camera as a featured dual power system. It is Wire-free camera so is easy to access and very easy to install. You can access the camera remotely via Reolink software that provides you free live view, playback on technology devices, and allow up to 10 family members or others to access live view. The best security camera has 33 Feet motion detection and night vision with a 130° wide field of view, which provides you 1080 HD clear videos and detailed images even at night. More than 1400 customers have bought this security camera and rated it with 4.1 stars on Amazon, which is supportive value for the Reolink outdoor security camera. Its recording saved in SD card and cloud storage can support backup videos so you can easily watch them later. Its PIR motion detection sends you a notification every time through Email and you can see live videos through Google to check the present condition of your concern area. Its nonstop charging helps you to access it anytime you want. It is a reasonably priced security camera with advanced features. 

  1. Reolink Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless

This Reolink Wireless model is the best outdoor security camera because it smartly works with Google assistant and can show you the live video at your device. Its 33 Feet motion detection, night vision, and 1080p resolution provide you the clear and detailed images and videos. 100° vision field provides you with clear videos covering the wider field. It consists of smart PIR motion detection and instant alert feature send you notifications, email alerts, and sound alarms for any disturbance in your house or concern places without sending false alarms along with low charging notification. More than 600 customers have bought it and rated it with four stars on Amazon, which is quite good in its support. It works with solar battery power. 2-Way audio feature helps you to listen and talk interactively with the one in concern place. You can also mount this security camera for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. You can also download your playback videos to watch later to share with others as evidence. It is also a very suitable priced camera with stunning functions. 

  1. REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera

Like the previous Reolink outdoor wireless security camera, this security camera is also compatible with Google assistant application. It is one of the best outdoor security cameras because of its high resolution of about 2MP at night, which provides you crystal clear, and HD view. You can mount it both for indoor and outdoor security. 33 Feet motion detection and night vision with such a high resolution of 1080p provides you with a wide view field of about 130°. These features help the camera to produce clear videos and a detailed image of the concerned place. Above 500 customers have bought, reviewed, and rated this security camera with 4.0 stars on Amazon, which is quite good in its prospect. Like the previous Reolink wireless camera, it also has features like weather-resistance, smart alarm alert feature, cloud storage, 2-way audio, and easy remote access supporting remarkable results. It also operates on dual power so you can access it any time. The comparison of price versus features supports this Reolink product.

  1. CANARY Flex Indoor Outdoor HD Security Camera

CANARY Flex Indoor Outdoor HD Security Camera consists of a rechargeable battery and you do not need any wire to charge but the optional power cable is also present with it. It provides you 20 Feet motion detection and night vision along with 1080p high resolution to produce HD images and detail videos. Its view field is also very wide as it covers about 116° with high resolution to provide you wide field videos and images. On Amazon, more than 6000 customers have bought and reviewed it with excellent remarks and rated it with 3.8 stars, which proved it the best outdoor security camera. Like other outdoor security cameras, it also contains the feature like weather-resistance, cloud storage, Two-way talking, and easy access, which make it competitive to others. Through its canary app, you can watch live or recorded videos at any time, anywhere. Like other products of this comparison, it is also affordable and good regarding features.

  1. Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System

Like other outdoor security cameras of this post, you can also mount Arlo Wireless cam in both in and outdoor locations. It ranges 20 Feet motion detection and night vision with 720p high resolution that provides HD and detail images/videos. It operates with a rechargeable battery. The best outdoor security camera only records and sends alerts when it detects any motion so no wastage of power goes on. On Amazon, more than 3900 customers have reviewed it with good remarks and rated it with 3.3 stars. Although the rating does not support this product, a large number of customers is a good indicator in the favor of this product. It is very easy to access because it is wireless and you can place it everywhere. Whenever it detects any motion, it sends notification or email to inform you about any abnormal movements. Like other best outdoor security cameras, it also holds features like indoor/outdoor weather-resistance and cloud storage that store videos for later in a very suitable price.

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