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Best Telescope for Kids – Top 10 Products of 2020

Practical based education produces better results than theoretical. Especially, kids learn more quickly when they are exposed to the practical application of any device. The importance of practical knowledge is increasing day by day and people search for the tools to visualize the real world that their kid’s study. We see millions of customers searching for practical learning aids on google. kids telescope is a good helping tool for getting quick knowledge about stars and galaxies. Kids can get the real concept of size and movements of stars with the help of optics. Keeping in view the importance of optics in the learning process, I have selected all the products of this post with kid’s learning in mind. The purpose of conducting a product review of the best telescope for kids is to assists the customers to make a quick decision. 

Due to the presence of multiple products, online shopping is also becoming complex. While selecting the best telescope for kids, I could find about 1000+ products only at Amazon. A customer who searches through google exposes thousands of stores and products with similar specifications. Therefore, the online purchase of telescope for kids may further confuse the common customer. Since I know, Amazon is the most reliable and trusted online marketplace for online customers. That is why; I select all the products from this platform. You have a summary of the research and comparison I made between different kids telescope available at Amazon. Multiple sellers are selling a similar model even at Amazon. Therefore, I have selected the products of top Amazon choice sellers for this kid’s telescope buyers guide.

What do you see in the Best Telescopes for Kids?

What do you think about the best telescope for beginners or kids? If you have the answer to this question, you will choose the best product. I am against handing over the large and heavy-duty adult’s optics to kids due to some certain reasons. If I go for buying a telescope for my kid, I will consider the following points.

  • I will select a telescope with a simple and easy operation because I think beginners be exposed to complex and advanced device progressively.
  • Breakage or damage factors are very important to consider for buying any item for kids. Usually, kids are careless and you cannot supervise them all the time they play with optics. I recommend buying a cheap telescopes for kids. That is why I picked all the products of the telescope buying guide under $100.
  • Best kid’s telescopes are always lightweight and easy to carry for the kids. You will find all 10 products of this guide exceptionally lightweight.
  • Parents may need to replace the kid’s scope due to different reasons. Either your child needs advance optics or he/she has damaged the previous one. If you have already a telescope tripod, the new optics must be compatible with your existing mounting stand. Therefore, always buy a scope and mount with standard bolt and plate.


Like the previous post of hunting binoculars, I have prioritized the best telescopes for kids based on customer reviews, comments, and ratings. I have also considered the above-mentioned points. As you know, I have selected the best kids telescopes out of 1000+ products. Therefore, every product is great with the diversity of design, style, and features. You can buy any of the telescopes for kids but keeping in view your requirements. 

S NONomenclatureMagnificationObjective lensFocal LengthRatingPrice
1Gskyer Telescope for Kids Beginners40x70mm400mm4.6CHECK PRICE
2Vanstarry Telescopes for Kids40x70mm400mm4.5CHECK PRICE
3Moutec Telescope for Kids and Beginners80x70mm400mm4.4CHECK PRICE
4EastPole Telescope for Beginners and Kids80x70mm400mm4.3CHECK PRICE
5ECOOPRO Telescope for Kids Beginners Adults128x70mm360mm4.3CHECK PRICE
6SOLOMARK Telescope for Kids44x70mm400mm4.2CHECK PRICE
7Aomekie Kids Telescope for Adults67x70mm400mm4.2CHECK PRICE
8MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope for Kids132x70mm400mm4.2CHECK PRICE
9MaxUSee Refractor Telescope with Tripod200x70mm400mm4.1CHECK PRICE
10ESSLNB Telescope for Kids180x70mm360mm3.9CHECK PRICE

A short Review of 10 best telescopes for kids and beginners

  1. Gskyer Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Kids Beginners

Gskyer Telescope is the stunning product of this buyer’s guide. The scope has been designed with eye protection in mind. A fully coated glass lens produces a clear image even at full zoom. The kid’s optics ideal for exploring stars and moon. Gskyer offers the optics with two replaceable eyepieces and a 3xBarlow lenses. The 3 x Barlow lens increases the magnification power of each eyepiece up to three times. The user can attach these optics with a Smartphone that is further controllable with wireless remote. After attaching a Smartphone, you can view and save images on your phone. Included with tripod mount and carrying bag, Gskyer is the best telescope for kids. Marked with bestseller proves the reliability and authenticity of the product. Amazon customers have rated the top product with 4.6 stars that are the height score out of the top 10 telescopes for beginners. 


  1. Vanstarry Telescopes for Kids

Vanstarry Telescope falls under the Prime category of Amazon products. This monocular scope also comes with two replaceable eyepieces and a 3xBarlow lens. Vanstarry offers this telescope with all the accessories commonly required for use. AZ mount and the custom backpack are part of the package. You receive a ready to use products. Quick and easy setup feature makes Vanstarry product is an ideal travel scope. Vanstarry monocular competes for the first product of kid’s telescope collection. A fully coated lens produces a high-quality clear view even at full magnification. Along with kids and beginners, adults can also use this monocular for viewing stars and galaxies. Vanstarry stands behind the products and offers two years warranty and ultimate technical support. Amazon customers have rated this best telescope for kids with 4.5/5.0 stars. 


  1.       Moutec Telescope for Kids and Beginners

Moutec Telescope is also the prime quality product at Amazon. This ultra-clear refractor scope produces an exceptionally bright view. The fully coated lens protects your eyes from glares. Two replaceable eyepieces provide a clear and stable image from 20x to 80x magnifications. Moutec Telescope comes with Smartphone digiscoping adapter that allows capturing images and saves in your device. The company also ensures the safe portability of the scope by providing a custom backpack. A standard tripod mount extendable from 24 to 52 inches is also part of the package. The sufficient extendable tripod height also works well for adults use. Eye protection, magnification, Smartphone compatibility, and extendable tripod features make Moutec a family telescope. Amazon customers have rated this prime quality telescope with 4.4/5.0 stars. Moreover, the advantage of affordability as compared to the previous two telescopes for kids also goes to Moutec F70040.


  1. EastPole Telescope for Beginners and Kids

EastPole Telescope has also been designed with beginner’s needs in mind. This reflector scope is good for viewing the moon, stargazing, and outdoor activities. EastPole Telescope is also a Smartphone compatible scope and comes with an adapter. FMC fully coated lenses and BAK4 prism ensure the quality of view even at full zoom. This exceptionally affordable scope is a perfect device for kids as well as entry-level astronomers. The company makes this kid monocular further cheap by adding all the accessories in the package. Interchangeable eyepieces, 1.5 x Barlow lenses, 5×24 finder-scope, and mounting brackets are also part of the package. As you see in the status, Amazon shows EastPole scope in prime products category that are reliable and tested for standard and quality. 4.3/5.0 rating and affordability support EastPole. If you want to buy the best telescope for5 kids and also want to save money, EastPole optics may be your choice.


  1. ECOOPRO Telescope for Kids/Beginners/Adults

ECOOPRO Telescope is one of the best optics with crisp clear and bright image quality. The scope suffices the requirements from beginner to adult level. If you buy a monocular for your kid, it will be enough until a young age. This finder scope is good for locating the objects quickly. A quick view stabilization feature helps you to focus on the far moving objects. ECOOPRO Telescope is good for viewing moon, planets, and stars due to fast object locator. The complete package includes all relevant accessories you need for astronomy and wildlife study. A fully coated aperture produces a clear view in the daytime as well as at the night. About 175 customers have rated ECOOPRO Telescope with 4.3/5.0 stars. The number of customers shows the hot selling trend for this particular product and a high rating proves its reliability.


  1. SOLOMARK Telescope for Kids

SOLOMARK has made this scope, especially for kids and beginners. Easy operation and 5×24 cross hairline finder scope help locate objects. 1.25” x 10mm Smartphone eyepiece is also available in the package SOLOMARK scope. The Smartphone eyepiece is free of cost for the customers who order this product from Amazon. SOLOMARK optics have been made kid’s safety in mind. A fully coated lens protects eyes from direct glares. All the relevant accessories available in the package eliminate the compatibility and provide easy and quick setup. SOLOMARK also ensures the easy portability of the scope. All the accessories including aluminum tripod are exceptionally lightweight that kids can carry and install independently. Amazon also marks SOLOMARK optics as Prime products. Customers have rated this monocular with 4.2/5.0 stars. SOLOMARK optics stands second in the best telescopes for beginners to date price. The reason for placing these optics at No6 in the table is its rating.


  1. Aomekie Kids Telescope for Adults

Aomekie Kids Telescope is an advanced refractor monocular with strong and large magnification. Large size aperture covers larger space area with excellent contrast and brightness. Aomekie Kids optics comes with k6 and k25 eyepieces (metal moon filter) that observe the high brightness of the moon. It becomes difficult and harmful for eyes to focus full moon with an ordinary scope. Aomekie optics is completely safe for eyes due to the moon filter feature. 5×24 finder scope erect image diagonal is helpful to locate and the objects easily and quickly. A compatible phone adapter is also the part of Aomekie Kids Telescope kit. You do not need to buy the adapter separately. The extendable tripod allows four adjustment levels making the scope ideal for kids and adults. The prime Amazon seller offers this optics along with all relevant accessories. That is why; a complete package makes the product further affordable. More than 100 customers have rated this Kids Telescope for adults with 4.2/5.0 stars.


  1. MaxUSee F40070WA Refractor Telescope for Kids

MaxUSee 70mm Refractor is the second cheap scope of this shopping guide. I see a reasonable increase in the sale of this product during the last few days. Simultaneously, the price is also increasing. More than 120 customers have reviewed this cheap telescope for kids. Cheap but a good scope produce the same bright and clear view as a costly optics. 1.25” Keller eyepieces and 3xBarlow lens help in quick object finding. 45-degree diagonal prim acquires the erect images. MaxUSee offers this kid’s optics along with a universal phone adapter that allows you to attach any mobile phone. Moreover, you can also attach this universal adapter to any other optics. Four-section extendable tripod allows 41.9 inches maximum height that is enough for adults as well. In short, you have a cheap but all in one optics for kids and adults. You can also use this monocular for watching birds, wildlife in the daytime, and moon/stars during the night. Amazon customers have rated this best telescope for kids with 4.1/5.0 stars.


  1. MaxUSee Refractor Telescope with Tripod

MaxUSee Refractor is the cheapest product in comparison to the top 10 telescopes at Amazon. Due to an exceptionally low price, the MaxUSee scope is the hot-selling product. The scope has been marked as Amazon’s choice because of affordable price and high rating. Most of the features and qualities of this refractor scope match with the previous MaxUSee scope except magnification and some other specifications. 280+ customers have rated this product with average 4.1/5.0 stars to date. This rating is expected to be increased in the next few days or months because of increased sales. Therefore, if you want the cheapest telescope for kids, you have the best choice in the form of MaxUSee Refractor scope.


  1. ESSLNB Telescope for Kids

The reason for placing the ESSLNB Telescope at the bottom of this buyer’s guide is the low rating given by Amazon customers. Otherwise, I can see all the qualities and features of a good optics in this ESSLNB product. From 225 customers, the ESSLNB scope has achieved a 3.9-average rating. Usually, I do not pick the products less than 4star rating but ESSLNB impresses me because of a good sale. The trend of sales shows the customer’s confidence in this product. ESSLNB scope is also a good optics for adults because of its 51.1 inches high tripod. ESSLNB sells this monocular with the tallest tripod thus making it ideal for adults use.

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