What can be the reason if my phone screen is turning purple?

There are different reasons for turning the phone screen purple. Every Android phone screen is based on an LCD that includes fluid inside for its functioning. Usually, the screen turns purple due to the seepage of fluid from its place. In some cases, the process of the phone screen turning purple is slow whereas in other cases the screen bleeds purple very quickly. In both situations, the loss of phone data is the main threat for mobile phone users. Usually, the screen starts turning purple from a corner and gradually covers the complete screen. After that, you cannot even operate your phone. The touch system stops working. If someone makes a phone call you cannot see the contact details of the caller. The reasons for starting the purple screen issue may vary from case to case but in every case, the phone screen is damaged.


  • A direct hit by falling on the hard ground can cause the phone screen to turn purple. 
  • Many users keep their phones under the pillow while sleeping. The pressure can also cause damage and bleeding purple screen.
  • Hitting the screen with any hard instrument damages the LCD and causes seeping out of the fluid.
  • Touching the screen with sharp pointing instruments like a screwdriver or nail has been reported the seeping out of the fluid.

How can I retrieve data if my phone screen is turning purple?

What can be the reason if my phone screen is turning purple

The retrieval of data is the very first step you must take if the screen is damaged and starts turning purple. The repair work of the screen is a sensitive procedure and loss of data may occur while repairing. So, if you note that the phone screen is turning purple think about saving your important data available on your phone. The following steps can help save data before handing over the phone to a mechanic.

  • If the screen is turning purple gradually, you can copy the data to another device using a cable or data transfer software which is more convenient at the moment.
  • If the screen has completely turned purple, attach it to any computer/laptop and copy your data.
  • If you are unable to execute the mission, consult any specialist who can retrieve data from a damaged phone.
  • While handing over the phone to a mechanic, ask him to save your data before the screen replacement procedure. Screen panel replacement is a complex procedure that can lead to further damage to the electronic system of your phone. In this situation, you may not be able to access your data.

What should I do if my phone screen is turning purple?

The phone screen turning purple is a sign of severe damage indicating the LCD fluid seeping out. The repair work does not work well with a damaged screen. Most probably, you will need to consult a mechanic. If the screen has turned purple, you have the following options.

  • If the phone screen has turned purple, just consult a reliable and skilled mechanic. The first option is to replace the screen. Ask the mechanic to install a genuine screen of the same brand you are having a phone.
  • Finding a genuine LCD panel becomes difficult because of the non-availability of parts of the particular phone in your area. In this case, either you will get a duplicate screen that may not work properly or you will pay high for the genuine LCD.
  • Get the repair cost estimate before handing over the phone to the mechanic because the repair cost may exceed the original price of a new phone. If the repair cost is high, just prefer a new phone.

How can I prevent my phone screen from turning purple?

The phone screen turning purple is a critical issue. You may lose your data or even your phone. So, it is better to take care of your device and prevent damaging the screen. Here you can find a few useful tips that can help you to prevent screen damage and turning purple.

  • Keep your phone covered with a reliable casing to prevent directly hitting the ground when suddenly slips off your hands and falls on the floor.
  •  Install a screen glass protector cover instantly after buying a phone.
  • Place the phone in an appropriate place when not in use or leaving for charging.
  • Keep the phone in a purse or any other safe place while travelling.


The phone screen turning purple is a critical issue that you can only prevent with safety measures. Your mobile data is at risk when the phone screen is damaged. You also need extra money for screen replacement or to buy a new phone. So, at every cost keep your mobile phone safe and prevent exposure to a direct hit.

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