Coronavirus Home Testing Kit

Availability of Coronavirus Home Testing Kit

Good news from England regarding the finalization of the Coronavirus Home Testing Kit

 According to The Guardian, the Coronavirus Home Testing Kit will be able soon in the market and everyone residing in the UK will be able to do this test at home rather than visiting hospitals and health care units. The news may be proved as a hope for the entire UK and then the entire world. As per company officials, the use of the Coronavirus Home Testing Kit will be very simple. The kit will be like a sugar testing kit consisting of a device and stripes. Everyone can use that kit without any assistance. Just prick your fingertip, get a drop of blood on the strip, and wait for the result. The self-testing kit will give results in only 15 minutes. The final confirmation of the presence of Coronavirus still rests with the routine test that is already being carried out in different laboratories. However, the result may be considered as final on later stages. Presently, the focus of the company is to add a new testing source so that the workload on the labs may be lowered. According to health experts, the self-testing kit will help in breaking the chain of infection.  Currently, the Coronavirus testing kit is under experiment at oxford and will be available on the world’s largest online store Amazon. So, everyone will be able to place an online order and to get the kits at the home address.

Can Coronavirus Home Testing Kit help in pandemic control?

The scientists from the entire world are trying to find out solutions to overcome this pandemic.  China is the very first country affected by COVID-19. Apparently, China has overcome this harmful virus but the permanent solution to controlling this virus still looks far. The experiment on the effectiveness of the vaccine is still awaited in the USA. The invention of the Coronavirus Home Testing Kit is another hope for the human. According to the officials, every individual can use this kit at home. In case of a positive result, he/she can call for medical assistance while staying at home.

Coronavirus Home Testing Kit

Coronavirus Home Testing Kit can be a way to minimize person-to-person contact. Moreover, the screening process will also be boosted. The suspects will be easy to identify and isolate from the general public. Currently, the main issue for the outbreak of Coronavirus is the late identification of infectious cases. When the case is identified, he/she had affected many other people in contact. Once a home testing shows a positive result, the case can be shifted in isolation. Along with the fast diagnosis process, the kit may also help in reducing the number of new cases.

Coronavirus Home Testing Kit may help to overcome the panic situation

Coronavirus has also created a panic situation in the world. Everyone considers him/her self a suspect and struggles to seek medical assistance. This panic increases the workload of the medical profession. The availability of the Coronavirus Testing Kit facility at home will minimize this factor and people will feel safe and secure. Panic is also a reason for the increasing number of Coronavirus cases because people want to know their health status.

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