10 Best Hand Sanitizers

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Best Hand Sanitizer for Protection  Against Coronavirus 

Hand Sanitizer plays a very important role in the prevention of microorganisms. Especially, in the current scenario of the Coronavirus pandemic, the requirement of hand sanitizer is on the peek. With the increasing demand in the market, the consumer price has also been increased. There are different factors for the increasing cost of this aseptic product but the COVID-19 is one the most common cause in every country. The health experts also recommend washing hands with normal soap. If you sponge down your hands for at least 20 seconds, it can most of the germs present on your hands. If you wash your hand frequently, the chances of exposure to Coronavirus can be minimized. 

Frequent washing of hands is not an easy job especially when you are facing the COVID-19 threat on every step. On the other side, hand sanitizer is an instant solution to clean your hand. You can cay the small bottle in your purse and use it whenever you feel contamination of your hands. The best Hand Sanitizer kills the microorganism and enhances your hygiene and sanitation.

When do you need the hand sanitizer?

In the current scenario of the pandemic, you need hand sanitizer on every next step you take. There are different conditions, when you may be exposed to the virus threat. We have listed some of the common scenarios, the people may expose to the virus.

  • Medical professional while attending the suspects or infectious patients
  • While opening the door of any public office
  • While using ATM
  • When you receive cash from others
  • When you count currency notes placed in your wallet
  • When you hold the door of a public transport
  • When using the toilet
  • When you shake hands with someone. Although, the health awareness agencies communicating the massage not to shake hands; however, you may do this unintentionally or as a habit.

There may be many other situations causing contamination of hands with microorganisms especially COVID-19. Therefore, if you have a hand sanitizer in your pocket, you can clean your hands instantly. Carelessness is not only a threat for you but you can communicate the virus to friends and family members without knowing its presence. So, keep using hand sanitizer frequently to save your life as well as others.


How to choose the best hand sanitizer?

Currently, a large number of companies have started manufacturing hand sanitizers. You see a new brand every day in the market. However, not all sanitizing products fulfill the germ-killing needs. Even many companies have just started manufacturing sanitizing products to collect extra money from the market. Therefore, while placing an online order for hand sanitizer, see the following 10 qualities of the best hand sanitizer.

10 Qualities of the best hand sanitizer

1. The best hand sanitizer kills most of the germs on the skin surface.

2. It does not leave moisture.

3. It must have a pleasant odor.

4. It must be of reasonable price.

5. It must not make up of very reactive chemicals.

6. Should have a long-lasting effect.

7. Having at least 60% or more alcohol.

8. It does not cause any infection or harm to our skin.

9. It must not be lubricant when applied.

10. It should wither readily after applying.

Comparison chart of 10 Best Hand Sanitizers 

S NoProduct nameBottle sizePurchase
1LonTime 30ml Disposable Hand Sanitizer Fruit-Scented 30 ML x 10 Pieces19.99BUY NOW
2Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer1.6 Oz x 6 pieces19.74BUY NOW
3Kitt Refreshing Hand Sanitizer Gel240 ML16.99BUY NOW
4Landsuy Natural Gel Hand Sanitizer Soap300 ML13.99BUY NOW
5Instant Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based (50 Ml) 50 Ml x 2 Pieces12.99BUY NOW
6Moilant Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel60 ML8.09BUY NOW
7Sendry Liquid Hand Soap,Disposable Hand Sanitizer300 ML7.45BUY NOW
8Moilant Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel30 ML6.55BUY NOW
9HR-Come - 50ml Disposable Hand Sanitizer Gel50 ML5.99BUY NOW
10GSNICE Hand Sanitizer Gel50 ML4.14BUY NOW

Short review of 10 Best Hand Sanitizers

1.    P-PADDING Portable Hand Gel Hand Soap Moisturizing





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